40 weeks + 3 days

life at 10 months: 
  • here we are in this place of limbo. all we can do is wait. i can honestly say that besides some insomnia and slight discomforts we are still at a joyful place.  waiting can be fun.
  • the past week or so has been a big social time. catching up with many of our close friends. dinners, breakfasts, short walks, ice cream adventures and out of state friends coming to visit.
  • in hopes of bringing on the baby i've been fed much spicy food. a smorgasbord really. some mexican, indian and chinese... to no avail. thank goodness i don't get heartburn.
  • i've been in the kitchen a lot these days. making bread, calzones, summer salads... just enjoying the extra time i have to spend on our meals. thankfully i have an awesome husband to help clean up. i'm usually pooped half way through dinner.
  • i've also been knitting a bunch. just simple wash rags to keep my hands busy. we needed some fresh ones anyway.
  • we've also done some pretty intense cleaning and organizing around here. it needed to get done. it's been in the plans for months, so i'm pretty happy we made it happen.
  • yesterday the grocery store was my big adventure
  • maybe today, giving birth will be... here's to hoping.

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