Ocean inspired cake

Here's another cake to conjure up some memories of the warm summer air, ocean mist and sand between your toes. I did some blue ombre waves around the outside, then topped it off with sanding sugar and hand painted fondant seashells! This is one of my favorite summer cakes, I think I've done to date.


zinnia + dahlia piped cupcakes

Here we are in January. The cold barren month that it is in PA. This post was screaming out to me  with it's bright colors and summer flowers, to be shared in a time when there is just snow, and even worse when there is just brown. These flowers are hand piped butter-cream flowers.  Free form that ended up looking very much like  dahlias or zinnias with their numerous grouping of petals. Some of my favorite flowers really! I hope these bring your heart some cheer in these frozen months to come!


Baby Shower Cake Roundup

I think 2014 might have been the year of the baby shower cake for me! Exciting times in my friends and customers lives! I thought it would be fun to do a cake round up like I did for little ones cakes a while ago. So if you are planning a baby shower for a loved one, coworker, or even yourself,  I hope these help inspire you!
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