28 weeks

  7 months:
lets start off by saying that time is moving so fast. it's not too stressful, though, we are making good progress on the projects and things we'd like to get done before july.

this week we are really focusing on the babies space. painting, putting up a ceiling fan, installing some proper outlets. and then we can begin to fill the space and make it a real room. that will feel so nice.

hoping that my glucose test comes back negative!
wondering why only my right calf and ankle seem to swell now?
wishing we could have a garden this year, but knowing that's not a realistic possibility.

loving the constant rotations of fresh flowers in the house, cut from the backyard.
missing just a little bit: brie, sushi, sleep, and a glass of wine.

life is well. sure i have my emotional days, where things just seem like too much, but the good days and excitement and happiness in this current stage of my life certainly out number those days by many.


crafting baby things

 just a quick little update. since moving my craft space to our guest bedroom, there has been an increase in productivity! birds for a baby mobile are done. working on some burp cloths and wipes and a few other projects... enjoying this energy at this point. it's very exciting when i actually put these ideas into actions!


26 weeks

a look into our life right now:
  • me breaking down and finally admitting i need pregnancy jeans... they feel mighty good!
  •  we bought our crib! 
  • we have an actual light switch and light for the bear cub's room! this is major progress people ( we have been living in lamp land for so long)
  • next week there will be... an exhaust fan, safe lights, and an OUTLET for our bathroom.
  • potty training our cat. well, attempting to. scoff you may, but if this works, we'll be done scooping and buying litter!
  • a surprise visit from miss kerah kemmerer!
  • a little mini vacation set for may!
  • easter celebration x2 at the hunsbergers and rittenhouses. we are stockpiled with chocolate over here!
  • these photos were taken at the rittenhouse homestead! so pretty up there right now!
  • knit a baby bonnet that will probably fit this babe in oh, about 2-3 years. oops.
  • made some double sided baby wipes. fleece and terry cloth. hoping they will do their job well. 
  • that's the latest. we are in busy bee mode, but enjoy our outings together, a quick milkshake, a short walk and other daily adventures together while it's just us 2.
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