26 weeks

a look into our life right now:
  • me breaking down and finally admitting i need pregnancy jeans... they feel mighty good!
  •  we bought our crib! 
  • we have an actual light switch and light for the bear cub's room! this is major progress people ( we have been living in lamp land for so long)
  • next week there will be... an exhaust fan, safe lights, and an OUTLET for our bathroom.
  • potty training our cat. well, attempting to. scoff you may, but if this works, we'll be done scooping and buying litter!
  • a surprise visit from miss kerah kemmerer!
  • a little mini vacation set for may!
  • easter celebration x2 at the hunsbergers and rittenhouses. we are stockpiled with chocolate over here!
  • these photos were taken at the rittenhouse homestead! so pretty up there right now!
  • knit a baby bonnet that will probably fit this babe in oh, about 2-3 years. oops.
  • made some double sided baby wipes. fleece and terry cloth. hoping they will do their job well. 
  • that's the latest. we are in busy bee mode, but enjoy our outings together, a quick milkshake, a short walk and other daily adventures together while it's just us 2.

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