28 weeks

  7 months:
lets start off by saying that time is moving so fast. it's not too stressful, though, we are making good progress on the projects and things we'd like to get done before july.

this week we are really focusing on the babies space. painting, putting up a ceiling fan, installing some proper outlets. and then we can begin to fill the space and make it a real room. that will feel so nice.

hoping that my glucose test comes back negative!
wondering why only my right calf and ankle seem to swell now?
wishing we could have a garden this year, but knowing that's not a realistic possibility.

loving the constant rotations of fresh flowers in the house, cut from the backyard.
missing just a little bit: brie, sushi, sleep, and a glass of wine.

life is well. sure i have my emotional days, where things just seem like too much, but the good days and excitement and happiness in this current stage of my life certainly out number those days by many.

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