make list 2011

there are many projects nestled deep within my head. i forget a lot of them, remember them, write a few down from time to time and accomplish quite a few of them ( eventually ) when i allow the time for it. so here goes... to trying to remember all of the wandering thoughts of projects and things i want to make this year.

Make List 2011

  1. knit socks for jason ( i've been promising this for over a year now)
  2. sun tea
  3. french macaroons
  4. this wild vest
  5. lip balm
  6. vanilla extract
  7. curtains for the remaining  windows in our house
  8. bread lots of bread 
  9. compost pile
  10. chicken coop
  11. herb garden 
  12. make my own stock
  13. cheese
  14. peaches and cream pie ( with our own peaches )
  15. business cards


a little holiday recap

we enjoyed our christmas celebration immensely this year. we held a christmas eve party at our house with some family and friends. we are still enjoying the feast as you can see. we are glad for the party leftovers as we seem to be snowed in. that is just fine with me, i don't think i could have thought of a better way to spend the end of this holiday weekend. our first snow in our new home. we took a very quiet snowy walk this evening and i remember commenting to jason just how peaceful it truly is here.
so i made sticky toffee pudding in hopes of recreating the good food we had in london around christmas time 4 years ago. my friend and i went back packing around europe during the month of december. not the most obvious choice for an adventure, but we did get to experience the christmas culture in a few different ways. so basically it is a date cake, covered in caramel sauce and topped with cream. it turned out great.
so we decided to take our baby, chips to jason's parents house this year for christmas. we learned that chips is a great travel cat, and also a very mild mannered cat in comparison to his parents cat. there is talk of a second cat. we are still undecided.
in other news, i made my first ice cream cake. people ask me to do crazy things. i love it ! turned out great and i was told it was a hit.
... and the lunar eclipse. pretty great, right? i had jason wake me on his way out the door to work, so i could catch a glimpse of it.
well i hope you have had a merry christmas. we sure did.


"faux" hostess cupcake!

all i can say  is yum! moist chocolate cupcake, homemade cream filling, dipped in chocolate ganache. best cupcake ever!


christmas light show spectacular

there is a house that has now become a christmas tradition for us to drive by and gawk at. well actually we park in front of it with our four ways on, because it is a sight to see. just wanted to share some of our christmasy good time with you all.


For your listening pleasure


some fresh "new" CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
if you are anything like me, you are a bit tired of listening to your christmas music collection already. 
i hope you enjoy these merry tunes.

another year

 i had a wonderful birthday with jason and friends. brunch at a green house cafe called styers. delicious local food. brioche served in a terra cotta pots. omlets and the yummiest butternut squash soup.
took a tour around terrain. the most beautiful garden/ home store i've ever been to. traveled into the city for some french macaroons ( a birthday wish) and a few more shops. had dinner with a most lovely crew of friends at our favorite trattoria. and cake... that cake was hand made by my man. the first birthday cake he's every made me! let me tell you about it.  he drew a curtain around the kitchen and forbid me to be downstairs. late into the night he wakes me up on my birthday with cake in hand and a most accomplished smile on his face. it was a priceless moment. hummingbird cake... similar to carrot, but instead it has banana, pineapple and toasted nuts. cream cheese frosting enrobe it. so yummy.


a recipe, a 200th post!

a slightly different take on beef stew. one where i take some traditional and non traditional stew ingredients, throw them together in a pot and out comes my favorite stew, to date.

1 lb beef cubes or chuck
2 medium onions coarsly chopped
4 medium red potatoes chopped
1pkg. dried wild mushrooms ( or fresh )
3 carrots chopped
1/2 c. sundried tomatoes chopped 
2 garlic gloves
salt, peper, cayenne pepper, orgeano, thyme and parsley to taste
1T. grey poupon
1T. worchestershire
1T. teriyaki
1T. tomato paste
1 can beer
2 cans beef stock
1/2 c. mushroom liquid ( leftover from re hydrating )
flour to coat beef
2T. olive oil

coat beef cubes in flour. set aside. heat up water to rehydrate mushrooms. pour boiling water over mushrooms and let sit for at least 10 minutes. reserve mushroom liquid for later use. heat oil in stock pot. brown beef and one chopped onion. add garlic a little later to prevent burning it. after the meat is nicely browned add beer and beef stock. next add other onion, carrots and potatoes. add spices, grey poupon, worcestershire, teriyaki, tomato paste, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. add flour to mushroom liquid to make a roux. add to the stew to thicken. add all other liquids and simmer for one hour.

craft bazaar

 getting everything together = crazy mess
 fingerless mitts and other fun treats i made for my table
 cookie samples of my christmas cookie sampler
my wonderfully supportive mom stopped by to say hi and buy my goodies.
its was a fun day of sharing my goodies with some new folks. meeting some fun new people and knitting and eating in the free moments of the day


we love light

so much so that we decided to put up some extra garland around our bed this year. it is pure magic. i don't think i'm taking it down until the spring.
another light activity. we went to our little town's christmas tree lighting this evening. i felt like such a townie... oh this season we are in... may there be light in your life. may it illuminate the dark places. may you know the hope and peace that is our loving savior, the LIGHT of the world!
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