a little holiday recap

we enjoyed our christmas celebration immensely this year. we held a christmas eve party at our house with some family and friends. we are still enjoying the feast as you can see. we are glad for the party leftovers as we seem to be snowed in. that is just fine with me, i don't think i could have thought of a better way to spend the end of this holiday weekend. our first snow in our new home. we took a very quiet snowy walk this evening and i remember commenting to jason just how peaceful it truly is here.
so i made sticky toffee pudding in hopes of recreating the good food we had in london around christmas time 4 years ago. my friend and i went back packing around europe during the month of december. not the most obvious choice for an adventure, but we did get to experience the christmas culture in a few different ways. so basically it is a date cake, covered in caramel sauce and topped with cream. it turned out great.
so we decided to take our baby, chips to jason's parents house this year for christmas. we learned that chips is a great travel cat, and also a very mild mannered cat in comparison to his parents cat. there is talk of a second cat. we are still undecided.
in other news, i made my first ice cream cake. people ask me to do crazy things. i love it ! turned out great and i was told it was a hit.
... and the lunar eclipse. pretty great, right? i had jason wake me on his way out the door to work, so i could catch a glimpse of it.
well i hope you have had a merry christmas. we sure did.

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009 said...

I love the picture of chips looking out the window. He seems like such a world traveler!

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