make list 2011

there are many projects nestled deep within my head. i forget a lot of them, remember them, write a few down from time to time and accomplish quite a few of them ( eventually ) when i allow the time for it. so here goes... to trying to remember all of the wandering thoughts of projects and things i want to make this year.

Make List 2011

  1. knit socks for jason ( i've been promising this for over a year now)
  2. sun tea
  3. french macaroons
  4. this wild vest
  5. lip balm
  6. vanilla extract
  7. curtains for the remaining  windows in our house
  8. bread lots of bread 
  9. compost pile
  10. chicken coop
  11. herb garden 
  12. make my own stock
  13. cheese
  14. peaches and cream pie ( with our own peaches )
  15. business cards

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