24 weeks ( and a day in D.C.)

6 months pregnant! time is really starting to fly by. we are doing great overall. enjoying the lovely weather of late. we took a day to see the cherry blossoms in d.c., and it was truly one of the nicest days we could have hoped for. a balmy 80 degrees. the blossoms were lovely... i think i'm enjoying sping even more than fall this year, and usually that is my favorite season. but spring is really delighting me this year! perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it's one season closer to meeting this wee one inside me!
 so we spent the morning walking around the tidal basin

 then stopped at georgetown cupcake ( home of the show d.c. cupcake) for some ridiculously good cupcakes. yes there was a line out the door, and yes we payed a bit too much for these sweet treats, but it was our splurge. some girls like jewelry, i like sweets. it is my business after all!

we had some delicious pizza for lunch, followed by the smithsonian art museum  and a spanish tapas dinner with good friends, later that evening!

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