20 weeks ( although its more like 21)

time got away from me with this update. it was suppose to happen last week, but last week turned out to be busier than expected and i wasn't in the picture taking mood!
so here it is... a update for 20 weeks
  •   i ended up having a second  ultrasound so that they could measure the spine of the baby, because the first time it wouldn't uncurl from its cozy little ball. i took this opportunity to have my mom and nieces join us for the ultrasound. it was extra special to have them there.
  • we were watching my nieces while their parents got some anniversary time in Vermont! it was a fun weekend of crafting paper garlands, making candles, thrifting, milkshakes and playing old games that i grew up with and they came to love too!
  • we had another midwife appointment! everything on the ultrasound looked good!
  • this dress i'm wearing is one out of my grandmothers closet. i always knew it would make a good maternity dress!
  • the "bear cub" ( our babe) has been on my bladder a lot these days.
  • i asked jason if he wanted to cut the cord at birth and he just looks at me wide eyed! ( i think it just became a little more real to him at that moment)
  • i have started to feel MOVEMENT from the bear cub! it's been really interesting. i was hesitant to call it that at first. Now there is little denying this strange and wonderful sensation i'm feeling. hopefully jason can experience this movement pretty soon too!


MeghanLynne said...

So exciting! Luke and I called Olivia baby Tiger. I have no idea why it just came out one day but it's still cute. You look great and I'm sure you're getting so excited! Movement is the greatest and when other people can feel it, it's even better. This time around though the movements have started hurting, which sounds weird but sometimes I'll be like ow that really hurt! Enjoy it'll go by fast

Suzi said...

So beautiful! Your hair looks great too!

Suzi said...

Just beautiful!

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