18 weeks + ultrasound pictures

 right now:
  •   we made a lovely valentines dinner on tuesday night! these cheddar biscuits were a hit! ( there was also a surprise bed fort made by mr. rittenhouse) in which we enjoyed listening to this free v-day playlist and eating  homemade shortbreads with sea salted caramel gelato!
  •  pretty sure this fox will be finding its way into the kiddos nursery
  • my sweet tooth prevails!
  • had our first ultrasound! it was magical to see our babes face, see its feet move around and see it curl up stubbornly into a ball, so that the ultrasound tech  had to schedule another one so she could get a proper look at its spine. thats is fine with me. i'll be happy to take another loving look at this babe growing inside me.
  • so delighted to hear that friends of ours had their baby this week. elliot grey, we can't wait to meet you.
  • there is knitting underway... more on that later!


    MeghanLynne said...

    So cute! You're waiting to find out what you're having right? I'm sure that will be so fun. I however am not that patient! You look great!

    About Snacky French said...

    thanks meghan! we ARE waiting to find out!

    Emily Benner said...

    So exciting!!

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