scarf reject turned t-shirt

so last week my sister and i had a craft day. i worked on a knitting project, got frustrated, then turned to sowing this t-shirt! i'm pretty happy with its turn out. i re- sized it from a mans long sleeve t-shirt, into a short sleeve shirt/ frock . i had this scarf that i got and realized it didn't lay so nice as a scarf, so i cut it out and sowed it onto the shirt. ta da.
it felt good to sow something. i haven't been able to sow, since my machine was broken, and i was not in the mood to fix it. but hopefully i will sow more again, since i did end up fixing it, with some help from jason!

then my nieces came home from school, and asked me about what i was doing. my niece anja saw my scraps of fabric (the sleeves) and got this brilliant idea to make wristbands for her and her sister. i admit they have some of the best most creative imaginations i know. they are inspirational. so i quick sowed up some wrist bands for them. they were delighted, and so was i at not wasting a scrap of fabric! i would of posted them too, but it was a crappy cell phone picture.

good day.

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