a tote & goodies

here we have a few late stragglers from the garden! the carrots, short and stubby may they be came in quite handy for my beef stew last week. beef stew and peach pie. a meal we got to share with some friends. quite a cozy meal. i love this stew/ pie season we're in! next up are the apples. i had hoped to get peaches a bit earlier than september, but indeed i did get to make a peach pie. after all, it is my favorite.

... and lastly. this tote ( pattern found here ) has been in my lap for the last week. working on it moments at a time. it came together in no time. it was shown in linen, but i just had cotton. i think it turned out quite well. i think they also have a similar pattern for knitters. i'm glad to have run out of yarn, at the top. i think it makes for a nice contrast. the light and dark.

happy weekend!

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009 said...

I loved the stew and the pie!

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