springtime flare

it feels good to be outside again. it smell so fresh outside. everything is so green from all the many days of rain! we got back from germany two days ago, to a lonely, pent up house. it needed some windows opened and some plant life to bring me cheer!
these are some darling little bud vases strung up on wire, so they hang just about anywhere you can imagine them. there's about 15 in the bunch. so i filled them with the most seasonal (and a personal favorite) lily of the valley. i got them in the netherlands on our trip at the tulip garden.

... its almost time for strawberries!!!!!
my stove area needed a little seasonal sprucing! there's just something about when your cooking, to have some pretty stuff to feast your eyes on. the idea started about 6 months ago, and has been changing regularly with the seasons!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to have you home! I've missed your blog!:) Nice sprucing! Will there be some pictures from Germany?:)
love, sister ister

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