back when and coming soon...

i was taking a look through my photos from autumns past and came across this picture. it was taken two years ago. we had went for an evening walk. stopped there in the picture ,because we found these gigantic leaves and couldn't resist snapping a picture. now come to realize not only is that two steps next to where we live now, but the leaf came from one of our trees. ironic maybe. it makes me so happy to have a home so close to a spot where we have enjoyed coming for years.
speaking of our home. we have painted! there is still some trim work to do, but these are the colors. a little more muted than the lemon yellow that use to be there. we are far from done the kitchen renovations but progress is being made every week.

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Angie said...

I love the color Kristi! Looking forward to seeing it "live".

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