the curiosities of a kitty cat

 lets talk about chips shall we. after all, he is our dearly beloved friend, who will probably get a little overlooked in all the talk of coming baby. this rug in our bedroom is his new most favorite place to sleep. this changes every so often. he's a seasons sort of cat. we are delighted that he's taken to the corner of the rug for sleeping, seeing as he might have to share that rug someday.
chips is an outdoor cat at heart. he started out his life that way, until three months later he came to live, indoors with us. we still like to let him and his outdoor spirit get some fresh air from time to time. he is always perplexed by snow. we enjoy that fact  a little to much!

then there is this truly curious obsession with our air conditioner piece. i was cleaning out the  closet one day and he instantly goes and nuzzles up with this fine looking piece of metal. he was infatuated, rubbing up all around it and sleeping on top of it. he even made a little fit when we took it away. we soon brought it out and the love affair continued. he's a strange one, but the best one for us!

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