a little late:: show and tell

 i take a lot of pictures. i really love to! sometimes, though, i don't have time or energy, or i simply forget to share something here i meant to. so here i am catching you and myself up a bit on projects and pictures i've had stored away for quite some time!  here is a tie i made for my brother-in-law for his birthday. i didn't actually make the tie, rather embellished it with some more fabric!
 here is a cake i did for the company of one of my friends. its based off of their logo, which is a simple child's drawling. this one took me back a few years *smiles*
 we recently hung a mirror up in our bedroom. one day the light was coming in so beautifully and when i looked into the mirror at the image behind me i just knew it was a shot i wanted to capture. maybe its not fully appreciated unless you know the room itself...
 cream cheese chocolate chip cupcakes! one of my absolute favorites! i made these for chillfest a couple of months ago!
 jason loves carving pumpkins! its his must do fall activity! so this past year i decided to make him a little case to hold his beloved pumpkin carving kit!
 a patchwork curtain i made for the door of our old apartment. its waiting to be hund up at our new house. hopefully soon, when the kitchen is done being renovated.
  just a shot of the nature that surrounds us. beautiful, gnarly, unruly!

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Margaret Almon said...

Cream cheese chocolate chip cupcakes are one of my husband's favorites from his childhood! So glad you make them.

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