32 weeks

life at 8 months:
  •  went on a little shopping expedition to black creek nursery with my mom to get flowers. and with a miraculous burst of energy, planted them almost all in one afternoon.
  • on the baby front: we found a pediatrician, started bi monthly appointments with the midwife, started child birth classes, set up our crib and are putting the finishing touches on the baby's room!
  • other fun things included attending the wedding of a very lovely couple
  • going to art star craft bazaar ( got a very cute print for the babies rooms) i think this was the 4th year my sister and i went!
  • celebrated my "first" mothers day. jason surprised me with a prenatal massage. yes, he's the best! also celebrated with the other woman in my family with a lovely dinner  at our place!
  • made a wedding cake for a co worker of mine ( pictures to come)
  • made homemade vanilla bean and butter mint ice cream!
  • worked 3 double shifts in a row ( and then crashed hard the next two days) no more doubles for me.
  • had a fun date day with jason, including my massage, donuts, a trip to ikea, dinner outside ( where we eat almost all our meals if its nice) and arranging the babies room.
  • having a little trouble with: sleeping, back pain, swelling in  my right foot and ankle and bending over for more than a second.
  • these days are very full in a great way. full of anticipation, joy and baby movements ( or should i say somersaults )

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