at our home...

 so those room shots are the bear cubs room! to the untrained eye it doesn't look like much, but it is,  and is continuing to be. 4 new( safe) outlets, an overhead light and switch (soon to be fan and light), trim, and prep for painting. hopefully in the next month or so, i will have a mostly finished room for the showing!

chips loves when we make the bed. it's his favorite activity. he hides out under the covers for quite some time. who can blame him, i think its most comfy too!

we took a short bike ride the other day. it was nice to get out again. i've only gotten out a few times to ride this season and may only get a few more times before giving birth... so i'm trying to relish in those moments.

that's whats been going on lately... in the near future i hope to plant the flowers i recently got, wash the rest of the windows, take many walks on the trail, go to a craft bazaar with my sister, make some more wipes and burp cloths, and savor these moments with jason, while its just the two of us a little longer.

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