remember when...

i use to use this blog for my cooking and baking endeavors?? i know its been a bit pregnancy and baby focused of late. that's  not to say that there hasn't been many new recipes tried and invented, cakes made ( in fact i'm working on flowers for a wedding cake as we speak) and baked treats tried. those things just haven't made it on here. 
so today i thought i'd share yesterday's lunch. yes, peach waffles for lunch. we <3 breakfast foods a lot around here. you can find them sprinkled into any meal of the day. we have been without a waffle maker for a while. our last one broke a couple of years ago. it was a great waffle maker, purchased second hand for dirt cheap... and it just never got replaced. then about a year ago we received a very old waffle maker for free. oh i'm guessing a good 30 years old or more. we never even knew if it worked, until recently i got it off the shelf and gave it a try. it worked and it made beautiful waffles!
i haven't had a ton of cravings during this pregnancy, but fresh summer fruit would definitely be one of them. i told my mom the other day that i'd been craving peaches most of my pregnancy, so she dug out some frozen ones she had saved from a previous summer. i heated them back up with some honey and cinnamon and we had ourselves a lovely little lunch.

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