A corner of our kitchen: before & after

For anyone not familiar with our living situation, we bought an old house/ general store fixer upper, 3 years ago. You can read more about that here and here. It's been a slow, but starting to be, rewarding process. I love a good before and after transformation! At this point there hasn't been a whole lot of after. 
We are mostly in the middle of many things. In the middle is a hard place to be sometimes. Definitely not as bad as the beginning when your desperately replacing broken plumbing, leaking roofs, replacing old drafty windows, adding LOTS of insulation to try and keep a big old house warm at all costs, replacing our heating system and re-supporting the sagging parts of our house in the basement. Yes we are so glad that we have those parts behind us. So in these "middle times" I've been doing my best to spruce up corners that are waiting to be finished or are mostly finished. Our kitchen being one of them!
We are mostly finished. It just needs some tile flooring and back splash, a new oven, shelves and doors for the pantry and some under cabinet lighting.
This part of the kitchen, this wall, I'm happy to feel like it's finished!

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