Saving seeds and growing pumpkins.

Last fall we got some great pumpkins at a local farm! We love getting heirloom varieties because of their fun shapes, textures and colors. Since pumpkins can actually add up to one pretty penny and because I've always wanted to trying saving my own seeds, that's what we did one late fall day when the pumpkins had started to decompose.
We cut them open, scooped out the seeds and tried the best we could to get all the flesh off of the seeds. Once that was done we layed them out flat on cardboard lids lined with news paper. Set them in a moderately sunny spot. For us, that was our dining room table. There they sat for a week or two. I tossed them every couple of days to make sure each side of the seed was dry before placing them in envelopes.
So when summer rolled around, my parents had a spare patch in their garden where we planted our pumpkins and gourds! As you can see they came up! They are actually producing almost ready looking pumpkins. I joke that I'll be the first in my neighborhood to decorate for fall with pumpkins out in the end of August. I actually can't wait. Fall is definitely my favorite season! With all this fall- like weather we've been having lately, I'm definitely in the mood for sweaters, pumpkins and campfires!

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