apples, bikes, pumpkins, parties:: from the archives 2008

( I was going through my archived blog posts recently, and found this gem! Apparently I have two fully written posts that were in my draft folder for um, 5 YEARS ago ?!?! So now that fall of 2013 is approaching I thought this would be fun to share. Here we were living in our old apartment,newly married. I'll share the other unpublished one some other time)
so we had a fall picnic, with some friends this weekend. perfect weather for such activities. jason and i made apple crisp and gingersnaps! it was my first time making apple crisp. my grandmother always use to make it in the fall for us. it came out quite well. i'm always happy when i bake, and they turn out like my childhood memories of the dish.

husband thought it would be fun to carve a pumpkin. apparently its a Muppet face.
we also got together a fall bike ride, for the " bicycling Lou's" we rode 45 miles round trip from oaks to the Philadelphia art museum. beautiful ride it was. we underestimated our time a bit, and arrived back home in the dark. quite an adventuresome weekend
Jason and i have been enjoying the fall season with some pumpkins from a local farm stand

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Crystalis said...

so, on your other list of pumpkinness, you don't have soup...i think you could make delicioius pumpkin soup, even better than they make here! (i have only here discovered that pumpkin soup does in fact taste good...)

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