dear march,
you have been such a good month, what with the warm weather earlier than normal and all the rain that's going to make for some beautiful flowers next month, but i'm really done with you! i am eagerly awaiting april!
you see, april holds a new house, spring flowers, green grass, a trip to washington d.c. and warmer weather.
my friend and i went to spy on our house yesterday. to look fondly, and imagine what life will look like when we move there.
in two short weeks, we will purchase and move into this lovely 1800's brick colonial house! a big front porch, an attached store space, sun porch, 3 car garage, .75 acre, situated next to an old railroad , that they turned into biking trails which can take you straight into the city, beautiful mess of a house. i say this with much enthusiasm though. the house needs lots of love, but we believe it will be quite worth the effort. so many fulfilled dreams and potential, all in this one space of a house.

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deebsquad said...

congrats on the new home! what an exciting time for you two.

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