It's been a long time since I felt like we had a real weekend around here. One where I got to go out on a double date with my husband and some friends. Then we also got to have sushi with other dear friends who were in town from D.C. I got to sleep in on a Sunday morning with my boys and be lazy + a  little bit productive ( filed our taxes, wrote a lot of emails, etc.) and even find time to just sit with Jason and talk, laugh and be silly. These moment were truly a gift. Unfortunately there is usually a whole lot more work going on at our many jobs and my baking business, a lot of running out the door and talking briefly in passing. So I am especially grateful for all the moments we got to share as a family this weekend. I even got to make us a nice Sunday supper. The recipe above is from my grandmother. It's a classic favorite in our family! One that reminds me of a Sunday supper back in her day. While I did make chicken tonight that was delicious, this Chicken Alabama is still probably my favorite! I hope you had moments this weekend that remind you what it's like to take a step back from your daily routine and savor some quality time with those you hold most dear.

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