Liam Bakes

This morning we made individual apple baked oatmeals for a friend of mine who recently had a baby! Liam has been using the step stool in the kitchen more and more, so I thought I'd let him help out in the kitchen with me today! This is a first for us. I actually wasn't sure if he'd listen to my directions, but he DID and it was fun to stir, scoop and measure with this little boy by my side. A day that seems to have come faster than I could have anticipated.
He loves to help, and has regular little things he does for me or with me throughout the day, like throwing out a piece of trash or his diaper, washing some area with his rag, dusting, putting the laundry into the dryer. He eagerly waits for there to be something to help out with. I just have to constantly to remind myself to slow down and give him these opportunities!

The recipe for our easy favorite, apple cinnamon baked oatmeal can be found here!

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Corinne Wasser said...

These pictures are priceless

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