Liam is 10 months

Hello 10 months!
  • This months photo was quite a challenge since my little man just never wants to stop moving. I thought it would be fun to share the many attempts I had at getting him to lay on the sheep skin.
  • About 2 weeks ago Liam really started crawling and hasn't looked back. I'm glad for his new found mobility and wish I had eyes in the back of my head because he has an affinity for open doors.
  • Celebrated my first Mother's day this month with Li! It was a delightful day.
  • Liam now likes to look at books instead of eating them!
  • Exploring the kitchen is a favorite
  • He loves being outdoors, whether it be sitting on the porch while we have dinner, going for a stroller ride, biked ride, swing ride or ride on Jason's shoulders!
  • He loves our cat, Chips! He squeals in delight at the sight of him, which is why I couldn't resist the shirt he's wearing for his 10 month photo. Chips on the other hand runs away in terror because of one too many fur grabs from Li. We are working on pat gently :)
  • His new noises consist of blowing raspberries and makes ssss sounds + paired with his new facial expressions, we can't help but laugh at his antics all day long.

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