still crafting

i was worried that when i had liam i would have no energy or motivation to keep on making things for fun or necessity. and for the first couple of weeks it wasn't even on my radar. but slowly now, i've been using his afternoon nap time with daddy to make stuff we need, like more cloth wipes for liam and this sling that i'm wearing with him.
i have a soft wrap that he sleeps really well in with me, but i wanted to try out a sling because of it's quick accessibility. the maya slings are beautiful, but pretty pricey, so i got some sling rings, fabric and with the help of these two tutorials ( maya website even tells you how to make your own... so generous) maya and ehow, i was able to fashion my own sling for a lot less. 
as with all things, sometimes he likes being in it, sometimes he doesn't, but i had fun making it and when he has a bit more head control i think it will be a great way to hang out together!

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