Liam is 2 months

 2 months old! well it's been a month of a lot of first for liam!
  • first big smiles
  • lots of coos! and he likes to cry "maaaa" when he's sad.
  • first camp fire
  • first time out to eat
  • first time alone with nana + pops ( so we could have our first date out to dinner for jason's birthday)
  • first time he rolled from tummy to back!
  • record number of outfit changes in a 4 hour period! 4 outfits!
  • first time at the grocery store ( he even got a sticker)
he loves his swing! in fact he takes his morning nap there most days! he loves being carried around in the ergo. it's his guaranteed napping spot! he loves looking at his birds, whether it be the ones on his car seat or the ones above his bed. he's really beginning to look everywhere, which is why his new favorite hold is the "football hold". he loves to be held at meals... he's a very social little guy! looking forward to all the new ways he surprises and delights us this coming month!

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