Liam is 1 month old

it's been a whole month since our little bear cub was born! he has more nicknames now than ever! our most favorite is "little lee"!
he's had many visitors, which has been a lot of fun catching up with people we love and having them meet liam for the first time!
some highlights of our first month were his first bath, first stroller ride, first smile and dimple, first time to nana and pops ( my parents) and first time to church!
he grew taller and finally gained some more weight. he's a little string bean for sure!
he's been sleeping through the night pretty good, but only naps if he's being held or carried around in the wrap. he likes to be cuddled, what can i say?
he's a delight! we are so in love! i can't wait to see what this next month holds.

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Anja Oberg said...

I can't get over how cute he is!

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