so i have an enormous pile of "almost complete" projects, rooms, things, to do lists, etc. one of my almost complete projects is our photo album of our roadtrip last summer. which got me to thinking of this map i colored in once we were done our travels. 15 more states i'd like to visit. 35 is a pretty good accomplishment for now. got to save some adventures to share with our wee one!
so i'm taking a blogging break because i can't look at any more pictures. i can't finish the babies room because we have to finish up with some touch up paint (oh and putting all the furniture back in) did i mention we got carpet! first room in our house to have carpet. we love our crazy wood floors and one day hope to have them refinished, but for now that is not a reality, so this carpet thing seems like a little luxury!
my flower beds just might be one of those projects that doesn't get done this summer, i'm not feeling it these days.
need a few more baby items, like cloth diaper covers, socks, little things that i'm almost done getting together.
this pregnancy is almost done. crazy... just a little over a month to go.
so this is an almost done week for me.
hope to have a 34 week update soon, you know before it almost 35 weeks.
until then.

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