34 weeks + Baby Shower

 this post is long overdue. i'm almost 36 weeks by now, and let me tell you, time is flying. with the lack of posting there has been a flurry of accomplishment and activities

  • our baby shower was a lot of fun. we had amazing support from our loved ones. it was truly a special day, getting to see everyone and have them share in the life of our future little one!
  • i have finished my roadtrip book
  • cleaned and organized the baby's room. just a few more decorations and little things and we'll be set.
  • tackled my flower beds with my mom ( hopefully for the last time before baby) this bending over business is getting a wee bit hard to do
  • have my last day of work on saturday!
  • almost finished my baby quilt i've been working on
  • decluttering and organizing where ever possible
  • went swimming for the first time this summer and loved every minute of it!
  • baking here and there for people
  • can't get enough water and cherries ( any seasonal fruit really) these days
  • caught up with some old friends
  • finished our birth classes
  • spent time with my nieces
  • trying to enjoy each day as it comes and all that it's filled with!

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