36 weeks

9 months:
  •  strange how time moves so much faster these last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, compared to the first few after finding out!
  • celebrated Jason's first father's day!
  • celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a relaxing day together and dinner at the melting pot!
  • finished up my last day at work and a few cake orders i had left to do. a strange feeling when your only obligation some days are to water your flowers, do the laundry and make food.
  • hope to post an update on the bear cub's room this week ( stay tuned)!
  • our shower broke :( luckily this happened now and not right as we are groggy new parents... jason being the handy one he is ( with help from our brother-in-law) fixed the situation within the day! THANK YOU for being awesome and sacrificing an afternoon kayaking!
  • wondering when this child will want to make it's appearance in this world?
  • still enjoying watching and marveling at seeing it's limbs move across my stomach!
  • is thankful for the cool breeze today brings!
  • is trying to take it in stride that my mind and body are fighting with each other constantly over how much is really acceptable to get done in one day.
  • i've been enjoying swimming so much!
  • thinks we just may get a day in at the beach this week! 

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