CSA's and breadmaking

look at all this beauty! tiffany from my church belongs to blooming glenn CSA and too me along for her share pick up yesterday. i was very impressed. i was interested in doing this back in the spring. the cost of it is what stopped me. if you can split it between two people, then i think it would totally be worth it. they get a hearty abundance of the weeks seasonal vegetables, plus pick your own, which happened to be green beans this week. in addition you also get to pick your own flowers and herbs. they also have free classes on the farm to educate you. how amazing is that!
i've been wanting to make my own bread again. its been so long. this italian loaf turned out great, and went great with the stuffed peppers and corn on the cob we had for dinner.
tiff was so sweet. she let me have a bunch of stuff, because she was going on vacation. i wound up with a lot of flowers, basil, lavender, swiss chard, tomatoes, garlic scapes, summer squash, garlic and grean beans. and that was probably about half of what she got.
check out those purple striped beans. they are so oddly pretty. i'm wondering if they taste the same as the green ones.

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