blueberry. morning. messy. muffins.

today was lovely! i awoke early on my day off, as i can rarely sleep in. as my tummy started to rumble i decided to make some blueberry muffins as fast as i could. fast for me means messy. baking for me usually means messy. but the faster i go the messier i become. luckily there aren't to many steps to muffins.
they turned out great. and the lack of 12th muffin meant i had one great towering muffin!

i am shamefully loving the bullet my grandfather gave me. he bought it and doesn't use it anymore, so we inherited it. its great for drinks, smoothies, etc. smaller than my blender, it just feels like less to get out and less mess to deal with. yes, i am the proud owner to a tv infomercial product! ( at least i didn't actually purchase it) and of course i needed to give it some style

great day. i got much cleaned, organized and planted. more pictures tomorrow of all that.
to end it all, an evening of warmth lazing in the grass reading and being with my love!


Anonymous said...

That quilt is beautiful...Where did that come from?:) angie

Snacky French said...

jason's oma made it long before we were married. it is beautiful!

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