all in a days play

my summer adventure trying my hand at canning continues. this week... dilly beans. or pickled green beans if you will. my mother-in-law makes them and they are delicious. pretty easy, you just snip off the ends, pack the beans, cook the brine, add the dill, garlic, mustard and pepper, fill jars up, and cook.

this is a local church down town from us. i've seen it most of my life. i've been wanting to photograph it probably fro the last 5 years. so yesterday, on our way back from the book store, in the dusky night, i got out my camera and scurried across the busy street to take some pictures. who doesn't love some neon lights proclaiming "jesus saves" to the town. i do and i hope you do too.

i sat down at my desk last evening to organize it a bit. i had started a journal a couple weeks ago, but put it down when it didn't turn out like expected. i got a few ideas just staring at it, and soon it had a cover, a button to fasten and some string.

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