A fine fall day!

 Last weekend we went to visit Graceful Glen alpaca farm for their national farm days. It's been on my radar for a couple of years as something I'd like to do with Liam, so I was happy that we had the weekend free to go see the alpacas. We started off with a hayride and let me just say, that a hayride with a 3 year old, makes it just so much more fun. The sheer delight of sitting on hay and throwing some ( of course) and being pulled by a tractor was magical for this little boy. We then went to feed the alpacas. Outside we fed the males with hay and inside the barn we fed the Mama's and the babies with pellets. Liam wasn't the least bit shy with them. I was a little surprised at just how much he loved feeding them. He played some of their harvest games, learned about washing and carding the alpacas fur and got to try spinning some. We also got a hat for Liam and his baby brother from their great little shop.

On the way home we stopped by our favorite vegetable stand to look at the pumpkins and find a few small pumpkins and gourds to make the inside of our home feel festive for fall. I love to decorate the porch, but that will have to wait till next year as we are still using the porch for a work zone for the house. Liam picked a pumpkin out for his room and we got a few more to be scattered around the kitchen and dinning room. We got to chatting with the lady who lives there and runs the stand. She saw us and said, hey if you want to take any pictures in the flowers or pumpkins go for it. So, of course we couldn't pass up that invitation especially since I actually had my dslr with us from the alpaca farm. It's not quite as often these days, that I take it with us, so I was delighted for the impromptu photo fun we had there. The owner was such a sweet woman, telling us about her two boys and asking about my pregnancy. She even picked 3 gorgeous sunflowers, handed them to Liam and told him to give them to his sweet Mommy. This season already makes my heart so full, but spending the day with my family outdoors at the farm and at the patch just made it one of the finest days I can remember.

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