39 weeks

 So this will be my last pregnant post I'm sure. I'm due on Tuesday, so we'll just have to wait and see when this bean wants to grace us with his presence. As I write this, I'm secretly hoping it's not before Tuesday since we are staining our hallway and stairs this weekend ( we, as in I moved out again and Jason got stuck with the fun job of staining). It's all been a little bit of racing the clock with this pregnancy vs. home renovations. Our stairs got installed last week and we are hoping to have the floors stained and finished, so we can wrap up this renovation for now. Sure, we still have trim and touch ups, but the end is finally in sight. It's been an emotional last two weeks as we weren't sure if everything could get done. Making last minute house decisions and getting ready for the cooler weather. Even when we thought things couldn't get crazier, they did. This weekend our shower broke, Jason's car window broke, and Liam and I came down with colds, on top of packing my "just in case I go into labor bags" and having them accessible, along with my we're staying with my parents for another long weekend bags.

There have been some lovely moments along with the hard and crazy ones. Like the morning we got to go apple picking with my dear friend, Kerah. She snapped some pictures of Liam, bean and I! Liam and I also got to have a fun little shake shack date last weekend. We made applesauce with my Mom, I worked my last shift at work and did my last cake order. We've also been able to get to the park and walk on the trail to enjoy autumn's beauty.

We couldn't be more excited to finally meet this baby boy. It's been one very exciting pregnancy with lots of activity, projects and busyness. I am looking forward to some slower days with all three of my boys at home with me by my side.

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