Corn Party

 Liam loves Nana and Pop's garden. In fact he would rather pick lima beans than ride bike. He gets so excited when he sees either of them in the garden, he goes running for his boots. The corn came in last week, so Liam finally got to experience a day of picking, husking, brushing, cooking, soaking and cutting off the corn to freeze for the winter. This was something I grew up doing every summer, so it was nice to share it with him. Although I will admit with the addition of a corn de-silker machine, it does take hours of the "fun" away. Hours I use to spend with my Grandparents brushing and listening to their childhood stories. Liam, however, diligently feed the machine with corn, when he wasn't busy trying to figure out how the thing worked. He even helped brush some of the extra hairs off, but his favorite task of the day was eating it fresh cut off the cob! Mine too!

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