29 weeks

 11 more weeks! Give or take, you know. Sometimes I really wish for about 11+ more weeks just to feel settled and get everything done we hope to accomplish. Then I start to ache more, toss and turn at night more and grow bigger, making me thankful for the pretty easy pregnancy thus far and realize I am right where I should be.

We did move the crib out of Liam's room and into ours this weekend. That felt like something! Liam has a big bed now and that's one thing off the the to-do list. We've had some pretty significant set backs with renovating that have felt discouraging, but we keep looking forward, because we are racing the baby clock and have come to terms that certain things will not be finished in time. But this wall behind me is pretty exciting. It's our dining room wall! It's primed, white and beautiful! We had a new window installed this week that is a little bigger than our old one and having it white, means it's gloriously light in there now. Anyone of you who has been in our dinning room knows how dark and dingy it felt with the exposed ceiling and dark torn wallpaper everywhere. So, that is pretty awesome!
For right now we spend our weeks apart while Jason works on the house and about 24 hours of the  weekend being a family again. Not ideal, but things are getting there. So for now I wait, binge watch netflix shows, eat chocolate and hang out with Liam while it's just the two of us.

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