Easter, Mother's day, asparagus and life lately

Just trying to catch up on some of the past months of happenings before I totally forget. Easter at my parent's was a week later this year since were were traveling to Goshen, Indiana and Pittsburgh to visit friends over Easter.

Sometimes I'll just look at Liam and remember to pull out the camera and take a casual shot of him playing. Those looks, the house all messed up with toys and his simple actions are what I want to remember most some days.

I had a great Mother's Day with my two favorite boys. Filled with amazing food, fun, and playgrounds.

We recently rediscovered some asparagus in our yard. We always knew it was there, but could never find it in time. We ripped out our huge overgrown forsythia patch this spring and stalks of asparagus were plain to see after that, which was quite a fun surprise.

Spring has been full of fun, planning for our summer renovations, working hard at our jobs, getting together with friends and dreaming about the future.

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