21 weeks + it's a boy!

 We are so pleased to announce we are having a boy, a little brother for Liam! He's pretty much on board with the idea as well. He just struggled with letting go of that pink balloon in the photo below. He really wanted it to come back after it floated up up and away. Part of me wondered, if it was also symbolic of me letting go of the idea that we may not ever have a girl. An idea I have made peace with and have also left room in my heart for the unexpected surprises, life throws your way. Regardless, I am so happy to be carrying a healthy baby boy again!

I have begun arranging our bedroom in my head to accommodate a little one again, and am excited to get out that newborn box of clothing. So many special pieces that hold so many dear memories that we get to snuggle a new babe in again.

We are also getting ready to demo the first floor in our house (except the kitchen and laundry room which are mostly finished projects) in hopes that we can have a finished downstairs living space in time for the new babe. If there's anything I've learned in becoming a homeowner to a project home and a mother, it's that that both take up massive amounts of our time, resources and energy. There really won't be room for a big renovation while we have a newborn + toddler. So we are striving to make a big, fast push forward so we can be comfortable in our space with our new little one, expected to make an appearance late this October. Meanwhile Liam and I are living with my parents. Away from the dust, debris and construction.

Kicks and movement from the bean have become a regular occurrence these days. These are some of my favorite moments of pregnancy! It's amazing how fast time is going this time around.

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