Liam is 3 months!

 3 months old!
This little boy is starting to be not so little. Some milestones and highlights of the month included:
  • first time sleeping in his crib!
  • speaking of sleep... he is sleeping 8 hour stretches. hooray!
  • loves to kick his legs all the time. well he loves moving in general. in the morning we find him in his crib completely turned around.
  • is fascinated with his hands. looking at them and eating them
  • he's becoming a regular chatter box. making all sort of sounds that resemble "whoo"
  • starting to giggle ( especially when daddy make his monkey face)
  • we had our first long car ride with liam up to the mountains to visit jason's family. he slept most of the way.
  • he's just starting to grasp things with his hands and can even hold his own bottle, though i'm not sure he realizes what he's doing yet.
  • jason got to pick out his first piece of clothing for liam, the above outfit pictured. (it even glows in the dark). he insists it's not costume but for everyday wear. its' that awesome :)
sporting his new sweater i just finished knitting him. it only took about four tries to get it right.

some more homemade knits!
"super- liam!!!!!" he loves this!
keeping daddy company while he stacks firewood
enjoying his new homemade baby gym! thanks grandpop rittenhouse!

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Angie said...

Love, love, love that little guy!

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