lets talk about food...

  i'm not going to lie. one of the most exciting things, to me, on this road trip is experiencing the local food! memphis was full of southern delights! we dined at two very no frills  bbq joints. central bbq and a&r's. look them up if you should ever stop there! ribs were super and slaw with everything. "coleslaw" for my friends up north.

 a friend of mine suggested we eat at lamberts in springfield, missouri. they are famous for throwing hot dinner rolls at you! keeping your head up was important! they had yummy home style dishes with something called "pass arounds" 3-4 extra side dishes they walk around and serve you as you dine. pretty awesome idea if you ask me. we tried fried okra for the first time. 
oh and the rolls were amazing!
 we stopped at a local bakery in memphis called muddy's bake shop! homemade cupcakes and baked yummy's. the store was an adorable with a vintage flair! we had a strawberry cupcake with lemon frosting and banana nut cupcake. so inspiring to me!
 best fried chicken!
bourbon fudge! we got some of this on our way out of kentucky at a local monastery. the monks make fudge! who knew?!? anyway it was quite bourbonrific!
more fun foods to follow!

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