snapshots from the home interior

hello september. i'm glad your here. augsust was so busy. most of my reason for not updating till now. progress is being made on the home front. a lot of construction going on in the kitchen and laundry rooms. the few room that are able to be unpacked and lived in are starting to get some love. hanging pictures, organizing stuff, a plant here and there. the above is our kitchen. more pictures to come, but we are pleased with the progress so far.

i've been meaning to share this photo (above). our friend, kate , has used our house on occasion for band photoshoots and other projects she's been working on. she's an amazing photographer. our house is full of textures and she just happens to compile them into some beautiful artwork.

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009 said...

my picture looks like im surprised...
"oh my gosh, theres a mess on the counter"

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