the small stuff

i'm not going to lie... our living space is being turned upside down right now. i knew this was going to happen. it was inevitable, we knew this as soon as we bought the beautiful wreck. some days i'm ok with ignoring the piles of stuff and debris everywhere. some days i'm not. the wonderful thing is that it is summertime. i can flee the mess. go outside, find some beauty and some order elsewhere. the beauty above is a handmade quilt from my grammy. she recently passed away. sometimes that fact doesn't even register in my heart. for her memories are still very much living in me. her beautiful treasures surround me in my home. i loved her so.

our front porch is a magical place for me. i am surrounded by flowers, trees, the chatter of birds and the subtle voice and footsteps of neighbors walking along the gravel trail, alongside our house. i think i will be hanging out here even when winter comes.

here is the void where the stove pipe use to run into our kitchen. sorry to say, but we have no future plans to cook over a wood stove in our kitchen. progress is being made, in our topsy turvy house.

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Angie said...

Your front porch is a magical place. We agree!

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