we have been enjoying summer's fresh produce as much as we can. getting fruits and veggies from my mom, a local produce stand or farmers market. most recently we have enjoyed making our own lemonade. it seems to be my year to have inherited quite a few old treasures. my current favorite being this old juicer. it was passed down to me from a family friend of jason's. the lemonade turned out great. fresh and tart. not too sweet.
i also made eggplant parmesan this week. minus the cheese the dish was all homemade and homegrown. i've been enjoying making things entirely from scratch, when i have the time. its so satisfying, like finishing a project you've been working on for a while, only its takes less time and fills your belly with it's yummy goodness. i hope to be making some more sauce soon. to put some up for the winter.

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