valentines day + sunday breakfast

what a beautiful day.
i got up a little earlier today to make pink heart pancakes. i don't know what came over me other than i thought it would be ridiculous and wanted to see if i could truly make pink pancakes. being a cake decorator has made me see a world of food in color. foods that probably should never be colored.
we spent our afternoon sledding down this famously big hill, not to far from our house.
it was a thrill. i haven't seriously gone sledding in a long time.
thanks to jason for an amazing afternoon.
for dinner, jason cooked for me.
it was delicious. he is a budding cook and baker. i couldn't have felt more special.
yes valentines day is commercial and yes you should be lovey dovey all year long, but we enjoy a good excuse to make a day a little bit extra special and to do so without all the hoopla.

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