slow down sunday

the husband and i have been enjoying a sunday breakfast tradition since we were dating. it use to look like him coming over to my place, me cooking breakfast and reading the sunday paper together, before scampering off to church. here lately, jason has had some duties at church, that take him out the door long before i get up on a sunday.
not today!
we lingered under the cozy covers, took a morning walk, and had a little feast of french toast, all before we had to be out the door.
i was relishing every moment.
i've missed these sunday breakfasts. it is our only day to have the morning together since we both work on saturdays.
here's to taking a step back and slowing the pace down a bit. learing to find balance in life that, allows us these simple pleasures.

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009 said...

the face of the cat was blurred to protect his identity... ha ha ha

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