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many projects going on yesterday. only a few of which made it onto here. jason and i have been working on rigging up a contraption for my brownie duaflex camera to start taking through the viewfinder photographs! its something i've wanted to work on for quite some time now, but am just getting around to. this was jason first attempt. not half bad. we ran out of materials, so the tube was a little to short. more pictures to come!i made risotto for the first time! i've known about this lovely little rice dish for quite some time now, but yesterday was the day of firsts. its the classic version from the joy of cooking! it turned out better than i imagined! i've found a new favorite. thanks to suki from gilmore girls who peeked my interest int the dish in the first place! oh gilmore girls i miss you.
one 1/2 of a fingerless glove. for me this time. jason took a liking to the other pair i made last year. they fit him better anyway, so he gets to keep them and i am working on this lovely yellow pair for myself. now if only i could perfect the thumb hole without having to sow up some holes i left behind. knitting, as with most of my endeavors are learning processes. that is what i keep reminding myself.

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